Thanks for the notice, you guys have been on fire lately with HITS! I just love when you suddenly come roaring in with loads of Hits, leaving the Requesters paying you .10 cents for 1/2 hour of work in the dust!

Also, as you may have noticed, Amazon Mechanical Turk is full of scam artists (aka Requesters). I have contacted Amazon several times on that growing issue, unfortunately they simply do not care enough to establish a more effective screening process, along with hiring the necessary staff required to put an end to that problem.
This is yet another reason you always stand out, you have proved yourself time and again, and us Turkers truly appreciate you!
Amazon seriously needs to name you "Requester of the Year", and use you as a prime example and role model for legit and sound posting!

Thanks again!

Dear Movie Enquirer!

Thank You for the Holiday Wishes! It is a pleasure being a Turker and working on your task! I look forward to seeing the Chicago Listing every other Tuesday and set a phone reminder to alert me it's Movie Tuesday!

Warmest wishes to the entire staff that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and bountiful Black Friday! There's lots of good deals on DVD's!

Best regards,

Thank you so much! I love doing these jobs and you offer good pay too! Luckily, I already picked this one up. Thanks for the advance notice.

Hey Mr/Ms Movie Enquirer,

I just completed your Hit, and wanted to let you know that I love your Hits/Tasks because they are always legit and easy :) However, I feel like a loser every time, because due to Time Warner's (my cable company) narrow selection of Paid per View Movies, I am usually only able to fill out the information you require for two or at the most three movies.
Anyway, just wanted you to know, that I'm more than willing to put in the work, but restricted by Time Warner.

Thanks again - you rock!!

I love your hits!! It's almost like getting a free movie! Thank you! = P

Hello! Thank you for the jobs. As a poor college student every little bit helps. So thanks again, your work is appreciated.